Introducing me...

Hello there my dears... 

Just a quick note to introduce myself (introducing me?? why yes that is a Camp Rock 2 reference.. ;) ). The name's Char and "whispers of a ghost" is basically a way for me to document my final year of high school and the transition to uni (hopefully). Just thought it'd be cool to be able to look back in ten years and see how I've changed. 

Now a bit about me:

  • I'm 17 
  • I am currently living on black coffee and custard creams
  • I have an obsession with disney and musicals that you'd think I'd have grown out of by now (yes that does include Glee)
  • I love pastel coloured nails due to the rather amazing Amy Pond off of Doctor Who
  • My perfect man would be a cross between Damon Salvatore, Sam Evans and Darren Criss
  • If I could I would live in Ikea
Now its time for you to have a read of my probably insane sounding ramblings, I'd advise getting a cup of coffee or tea (or maybe something stronger) and shoving on some tunes first though... 

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