Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Just a wee haul

I may have gone a wee cheeky shopping trip with the mother while my sister went to see James Bond for a friend's birthday. As soon as it starts getting dark really early I just have this uncontrollable urge to shop, which my mum rather enjoys encouraging. 

Purple Aztec Tank Top (Topshop) 
Topshop's basics are a weakness of mine actually make that Topshop in general especially as I get a 10% discount there with my UCAS card in store. I'm really leaning towards purple and burgundy this autumn and combining that with my love of geometric prints this top just jumped out at me! My only small qualm is that its a little short in the body but I can deal with that as it looks lovely under a big knitted cardie with leggings (my post school uniform).

Grey Skater Skirt (Topshop)
I already own this skirt in black for school and have to admit I want to get it in as many colours as possible. I just find that its a really decent length, not so short that you feel kinda awkward but not really long either. And for only £16 how can you expect me to resist??

Winter Coat (Socal at Republic)
Finding a new winter coat was somewhat of an ordeal this year, I have fairly broad shoulders which means I have to go up a size in coats. This then creates a dilemma as said larger coat can make me look rather weird with too much fabric around my torso. However I eventually found this (okay, my mum did) and not only does it not drown me but its also so snuggly and warm - perfect for winter! Guess what the coat's name is Chalet Girl!! I am now going to be reminded of Ed Westwick every time I wear it.. drool...


  1. the skirt is so cute!itll go with everything :) xx

  2. The top is pretty