Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weekly Round-up #01

So I've had this blog for a week now, well at least its been a  week since I first posted anyways. This week I returned to school after being off for October week and I have to admit that on Monday I was severely lacking in enthusiasm to be at school. Such a shocker right?? It's been a good week TV wise as Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl came back last week so I've had something to look forward to all during school on a Monday and Wednesday. And as usual I have fallen back in love with Damon Salvatore and Nate Archibald - every season this happens... I just like a bit of eye candy in my life okay! Cause there certainly isn't any of that at school. The clothes especially in GG catch my attention and make me wish I was a TV character sometimes. 

Having started this blog I've really got back into reading blogs rather than just watching YouTube ones, although saying that I have discovered quite a few new YouTubers to watch as well  The only problem with this is that it rather encourages me to spend more money, something I don't really need any help with, quite capable of spending a lot all by myself. 


  1. I missed the first episode of Gossip Girl so I need to catch up quickly so I don't get behind! Definitely something to look forward to in the evenings though :) xxx

  2. Ohh which Youtubers are you watching at the moment? I love finding new Youtubers but can it be really difficult to just stumble upon new people x

  3. lovely blog!

    X Jenny